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Stanaj - From A Distance EP

Stanaj will be your new favorite artist after listening to his EP, From A Distance!

Tracks: 1. Changed 2. Meant To Be 3. Bad Woman 4. Find Me 5. Romantic – NOTD Remix

From A Distance is a well-balanced blend of all the different aspects that make Stanaj the artist that he is. He’s much more than just a “pop singer” - he has notes of soul and R&B running through each track. Such a diverse talent who created an EP with a little bit of everything you could want – whether it’s the variety of contagious beats and acoustic moments, the offering of simple to complex lyrics, or Stanaj’s incredible vocal range and abilities showcased effortlessly. From A Distance encompasses 5 tracks that have accomplished something so mesmerizing, and it’ll without question be the EP that you keep coming back to again and again… if you ever take it off repeat, that is.

The first track is ‘Changed’, which features vocal delivery from Stanaj that is exceptionally fun to sing along to, and different layers of sound. ‘Changed’ is about trying to prove to someone that you aren’t who you used to be, and after learning from past mistakes, you feel it’s possible to keep moving forward with them. This is a strong opener for From A Distance, and its placement will spark immediate intrigue as to what else there is to experience through Stanaj’s EP.

‘Meant To Be’ is one of the more acoustic pieces on From A Distance, and I was completely blown away by how Stanaj is so clear and pure from start to finish. It’s a romantic ballad, fueled by a Romeo & Juliet inspired forbidden love story. If you haven’t noticed, Stanaj’s bio on social media is “Let me serenade you”; and ‘Meant To Be’ fits that sentiment charmingly, while possessing the power to leave you swooning.  

The next track, ‘Bad Woman’, increases in tempo as the energy picks up, showing yet another side of Stanaj. It incorporates excellent songwriting and a beat that draws you in. There is also a bit more of an edge to it than the other tracks, which I’m really into. ‘Bad Woman’ expresses the idea of a fiery passion and it’s influenced by the desire to break down someone’s walls; while remaining undeterred, because danger is somehow irresistible.

‘Find Me’ also leans toward the acoustic side of From A Distance, and unsurprisingly it’s my favorite. Declaring unrequited feelings, it has the essence of that saying, “if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were”.  The guitar throughout ‘Find Me’ was particularly alluring; the lyrics have you hanging on to every word. Stanaj gives another amazingly strong performance, and this track will probably be the most relatable among listeners – we’ve all been in a similar situation.

To be honest, typically when I see “remix” in a song title, I’m not that eager to listen to it. But ‘Romantic – NOTD Remix’ may have changed my opinion on that. ‘Romantic’ can be found originally on Stanaj’s The Preview EP (2016), and its appearance on this new release is an elevated take on the popular track. This remix adds something extra to From A Distance, and it’s the perfect way to round out the EP.

There is endless amounts of buzz surrounding Stanaj right now, and don’t expect that to change any time soon! With exciting projects coming up, like opening for singer JOJO on her Mad Love Tour, there’s lots to look forward to when it comes to this clever artist.

Follow Stanaj at the places below so you don’t miss out!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion

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