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  • Alex Kilgore

Tessa Kaye - "Smile More"

Los Angeles-based pop artist Tessa Kaye’s recent single, “Smile More,” is a confidence-driven track about society’s double standards.

The singer's soulful vocals shine as she empowers her listeners with lyrics that many will resonate with. Kaye explains that it’s about, “the double standard of how men and women have been allowed to express themselves in society. It’s a weird, ridiculous expectation people place on women, to look pleasant 100% of the time." As the song progresses, each line becomes that much easier to connect to; it’s the thoughts that a lot of us feel but might be too afraid to assert.

The anthem features a dreamy sound and bold message. “Smile More” is the type of song you should start your day with, to remind yourself to wear your strong and powerful energy with pride and to not let others control how you present yourself.

Kaye shows all of her sides through her music - from being self-assured, to vulnerability, to addressing mental health - and it always comes back to validating that there is strength even in your “weak” moments. I appreciate and respect Kaye’s dedication to inspire, motivate, and uplift, while creating irresistibly catchy tunes in the process. She's definitely one to watch!





Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion

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