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The Wren - "december"

Los Angeles based artist The Wren’s reflective new single, “december,” depicts seeing things for how they really were now that a relationship’s chapter has closed.

Photo by Ursula Bowling

Did you know that the cactus wren is the state bird of Arizona? It's The Wren’s home state and where she found inspiration for her unique artist name. For the past 12 years, she has been focused on songwriting and performing in different capacities. From the release of “december” and her debut single “please don’t joke about dying” (2022), it’s clear that she has honed her skills and has landed in the perfect realm for her artistic style.

Describing her music as “making melodies from pain,” The Wren exudes genuine authenticity that is easy to connect with. “december” is about the end of a relationship when you don’t see things through the eyes of infatuation or love anymore. You’re able to finally see that not being with this person, no matter how much you thought you wanted to be, is actually for the best. Even with this fresh perspective, there is still some heartache and frustration behind her words, which is to be expected.

Oh but I bet she loves the color of your ruby red flags And I bet she makes you feel like you never had a past And I bet she does whatever you want That’s just a guess I could be wrong

The Wren’s honest, detailed lyricism recounts the different negative qualities of her past partner, which she is now privy to, and asks if their new partner is aware of these things. The writing is so captivating, as she boldly expresses that she is no longer blind to the truth of the situation, while phrasing it in an intentionally naive way. Perhaps this is representative of the relationship and how they made her feel.

Photo by Ursula Bowling

There’s something special about the type of illustrative songwriting where you not only get a glimpse into the writer’s world, but it’s almost like they have somehow explored your mind and have magically found the right words to convey your vulnerable innermost thoughts. This is the experience you’re likely to have when listening to The Wren’s music.

“december” is a brilliant combination of delicate, poetic, and empowering. The arrangement complements this by flowing between subtle moments and more dynamic sounds. The Wren’s warm vocals and depth-filled lyrics are comforting and inspiring. As mentioned previously, “december” may resonate with you personally, and if not, it’s still such an insanely well written story.

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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