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This Modern - "Next Time Around"

Arizona-based band This Modern has just released their new single, “Next Time Around”!

The 3-piece (Marcus Reardon - lead vocalist and rapper, Timo Willsey - songwriter/producer, and Sean Whiteman - drums) is described as “blending melodic pop-rock with modern hip-hop” - and it completely works! This Modern announced that this newest track is being released via 59 X Records:

The most important thing to us is giving our music the best possible chance at success. Our goal has always been to partner with a label that believes in our creative vision, while offering a new level of behind-the-scenes support and opportunity. We are excited and proud to have found that in 59 X Records - Marcus Reardon

“Next Time Around” is about the overwhelming thoughts and uncertainty that come with breaking away from what you know and starting something new. This Modern has delivered remarkable songwriting that is absolutely gripping. 

Although perhaps you could argue that the idea behind “Next Time Around” is something other artists have creatively conveyed before, there’s just a quality about this track that feels refreshing. The combination of passionate lyrics and strikingly enjoyable instrumentals will surely prompt keeping this one on repeat. 

Congratulations to This Modern and 59 X Records - we’re very stoked to hear more of what’s to come! 

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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