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Tiffany Houghton – “Pretty Pretty” ft. JTM

In 2018, pop singer-songwriter Tiffany Houghton released her single, “Pretty Pretty.” The track’s positive message and fun sound received a great response. Almost a year later, Tiffany has decided to give us a “reimagined version” that features exceptionally talented rapper, JTM.

“Pretty Pretty” has an empowering message which encourages the mindset that it's truly what’s on the inside that matters most. The intention is to help break down the wall of unrealistic and unhealthy standards that are forced upon us.

The song is enjoyably upbeat, and will likely have you dancing around the room. What I appreciate most about “Pretty Pretty” is that the approach is subtle, and this creates a stronger impact.

on September 27, Tiffany performed at the JTM Music Festival in Rexburg, ID - which included artists such as Drake Bell, Jay Warren, JTM + more

Adding JTM (who just released a new album) as a feature on this version amplifies it to a level that I didn’t realize it could go. His verse reaffirms that the “nice girl” who is proud of her ideas, knowledge, and opinions is just as capable and worthy.

Tiffany Houghton and JTM are the collab I think that many fans didn’t know they needed, but are so thrilled. “Pretty Pretty” is special and I hope it touches everyone who needs it.

“Pretty Pretty” ft. JTM will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday, October 18.

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Tiffany Houghton


Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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