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Wanderer - Songs For The Night

Wanderer releases incredible debut album, Songs For The Night.


1. Who’s Gonna Love You

2. Hurt This Way

3. Driving

4. Runaway

5. California Looks Good On You

6. Know Your Heart

7. Cerulean

8. The Dark

9. Streetlights

Wanderer favors an 80s-style sound, which fits his vocals brilliantly. Songs For The Night is cohesive and flows from beginning to end.

“Who’s Gonna Love You” feels like a song that you know and love, but refreshing. The lyrics are simple enough to learn quickly, and therefore is definitely a solo road trip worthy jam. Wanderer creates tunes that are easy and enjoyable to listen to - whether it’s on a rainy day, a summer night, or somewhere in between.

With an intriguing story to follow, “Hurt This Way” is a thrilling song about the impact someone has on you. Almost hauntingly being consumed by everything that continuously swirls around in your head.

“Driving” is sweet and adventurous, and one of my favorite Wanderer songs. This is a new version of the 2016 single, about wanting to stop time, and soak in all the little details of a moment. Continuing on, there are a lot of tour vibes floating throughout “Runaway”. Embracing the exhilaration that comes from being on the road and on the move; great instrumentals help fuel this sensation. Two standout lines are: “I got a reckless dream and it’s killing me” and “the unknown I call home”.

“California Looks Good on You” is dreamy, perfectly descriptive and features a California essence - it’s adorably romantic. Followed by “Know Your Heart”, which feels a bit unsure. Searching for a sign that shows that it’s meant to be, and needing to dive deeper and explore who someone is at their core. These tracks fit effortlessly next to each other on Songs For The Night.

First word that comes to mind when explaining “Cerulean”? STUNNING. This song is purely instrumental, and also has spot on positioning within the track list. It’s simple yet complex, and tells a story without words. Perhaps some would say it has a little John Mayer style to it?

“The Dark” feels very personal but relatable. Expressing the emotions most strongly felt during the dark of night. The hints of self-reflection resonated with me; Wanderer’s vocals are incredibly moving. “Streetlights” is reminiscently freeing. There are gorgeously detailed memories pouring out. As the last track on the album (especially following “The Dark”), it captures your attention and curiosity. I eagerly wanted to know where things would be left off.

This album embodies what you think of when you hear the word “wanderer”. The imagery throughout is written so exquisitely, that I can’t compare it to anything else I’ve heard. Overall, Songs For The Night is a beautiful selection of songs and you’re going to love it.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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