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Whosah – “Slomo”

I first discovered Whosah with their 2017 single, “Make a Move”. Couldn’t be happier that they are back with their new track, “Slomo”!

Fantastic instrumental intro that is soon met by captivating, cleverly written lyrics. You’ll notice a twist on classic sayings like, “I’ve tried it, so I can knock it”. This song is about slowing down because life is so fast now; You can’t rush, even through the bad moments (which I appreciate them including).

“Slomo” has a great concept that’s executed perfectly, and delivered in a fun way. It was utterly engaging from beginning to end; definitely one of those tracks that will stick with you.. and stay on repeat.

Whosah has a couple more singles on the way, followed by their full-length later this year! They are extremely talented, and I can't wait to keep listening to what's next from them.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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