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Wilmah - "Wait Until Tomorrow"

Alt-pop group Wilmah have once again shown the world that their sound is ever-expanding with their sparkling new single, “Wait Until Tomorrow!”

“Wait Until Tomorrow” is a fresh take on a topic that all of us experience, and it was really easy to connect with. It’s sort of like a “wow, you get me” type of deal, and you’ll forget that you haven’t known Wilmah for years.

The concept is knowing that you will have to face the negativity and pain at some point, but wanting to hold off so you can live with your happiness for a little bit longer.

The song is about getting your hopes up and being let down time and time again. It’s about what it means to be a human being -- the peaks and valleys of human emotion and how sadness and happiness intertwine.

Credit: Alec Ilstrup

There is something about Wilmah’s music that’s inviting. Maybe it’s the perfect mix of their bold, creatively written lyrics and pleasantly upbeat, feel-good instrumentation. The first line, my life is like a doctor’s handwriting / it’s really hard to read and often quite frightening, is just so clever and I was immediately hooked.

Each recent release has its own distinct sound, where you can blatantly tell that Wilmah expands the boundary of their chosen genre and that they don’t keep themselves in a stiff box. Wilmah is definitely paving their own path, and that’s why their music stands out with such vibrance.

Thankful to have discovered this talented group, and looking forward to watching their journey!

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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