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Z Chambers - "Inside Out"

Emerging pop/R&B artist Z Chambers’ new single, “Inside Out,” reflects on the aftermath of a painful heartbreak.

Following the release of his recent single, “Now That It’s Over,” which touches upon feeling relieved that the stress of a fading relationship is finally done, Z Chambers is back to address the other side - wishing it didn’t end.

“Inside Out” features smooth and vibey production from producer SZY, who also worked on “Now That It’s Over.” Accompanied by emotion-filled vocals, this new track is easy to relate to.

Credit: Caleb Shane

Favorite line: “Now the poison you left in me’s, tearin’ apart the seams, why’d you have to do me like that?

Z Chambers does a wonderful job of connecting with his audience through his music. While lyrically “Inside Out” is vulnerable and heartfelt, it also exudes authenticity and contains a sense of comfort. These songs are like having a deep conversation with a friend who just truly understands and gets what you’re going through.

Make sure to follow Z Chambers on his socials below so you don’t miss out on the great things to come!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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