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Eighty Ninety - “Better As Friends”

Eighty Ninety have just released their new single, “Better As Friends”, and it is vividly vulnerable.

I’ve been a big fan of Eighty Ninety since their 2016 debut EP, Elizabeth, and I am always delighted to feature them on Untold Music Promotion whenever possible. “Better As Friends” checks all the boxes when it comes to constructing an enchanting experience. 

The way it starts off with a calm, almost floating sensation, and builds into this great adventure is nothing short of cinematic. 

As always, I am blown away by Eighty Ninety’s immaculate storytelling. “Better As Friends” is described as featuring “deeply personal lyrics to connect with universal themes and feelings, exploring the powerful pull to stay connected with someone you once loved despite how painful it can be.” The indie-pop duo are expertly illustrative not only lyrically, but through their instrumentals as well.

With an abundance of emotion, “Better As Friends” is such a dynamic song. You’ll discover something new every time. Can’t wait to hear Eighty Ninety’s forthcoming sophomore EP!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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