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  • Alex Kilgore

Luxtides - "After"

“After,” Luxtides’ new single, addresses the overwhelming, anxiety-inducing thoughts that surface when contemplating life’s mysteries.

Credit: Erica Rallo

We are so happy to have Luxtides back on UMP. As always, she graces us with her unique, soft, and refreshing vocals, guided by lovely ethereal instrumentals. “After” is packed with questions about the perplexing experience of what happens when this is all over.

Candidly putting her emotions on display, the singer/songwriter expresses how debilitating anxiety can be. The current state of the world is something none of us have ever encountered. It has been a daunting and eye-opening learning curve, that has brought out a puzzling curiosity for a topic that may not have crossed our minds before.

Credit: Erica Rallo

Luxtides illustrates this concept in an enchanting way that many will resonate with. Even if you didn’t know you had these worries, or if you believed you were alone in your thoughts, this track brings to light that it’s not unusual. I’ll always appreciate Luxtides’ story-like writing style, which ignites dreamy visualizations.


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