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The Dares – “Little Do They Know”

The Dares have released a brand new single called “Little Do They Know”.

The Dares are back! I’m ecstatic to have a new track from these guys so soon after their Bad Faith EP last year. “Little Do They Know” hits hard with the concept of things not always being as they appear. Although it’s quick and on the shorter side, the intensity is undeniable.

Ben explains: “the song is about a toxic relationship that looks really happy from the outside. But in reality the couple is always fighting”.

This is an important message to portray, especially in a time where images displayed on social media give many people such a false perception. The Dares never fail to produce music that cuts deep with emotion and powerful words (always exquisitely written, might I add).

A few weeks ago, Matt posted a clip of “Little Do They know” being recorded. My response after watching was “why is this already stuck in my head." That’s something I love about The Dares; they possess all of the best components that lead to creating music that will continue to stick with the listener for longer than the, for example, 1:55. It’s incredible.

Lots more coming from The Dares soon!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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