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Amelie Lucille - Self-Titled EP

Indie folk artist Amelie Lucille’s new self-titled EP, Amelie Lucille, eloquently details love, heartbreak, and the complex emotions that come with those experiences.

The 14-year-old singer/songwriter from New York exudes wisdom far beyond her years. You’ll find that the EP feels personal yet relatable, no matter your age. The majority of songs are in a relatively stripped back style, allowing Amelie’s captivating vocals and impeccable storytelling to truly shine. The instrumentals (Joel Arnow – drums/bass, Carolin Pook – violin, Michael Bellar – keyboards, Bill Finizio – keyboard, Paul Orbell - electric guitar, Justin Kessler - engineer drums "Because of you") are breathtakingly stunning and they help amplify the emotions that Amelie is expressing.

“Mess” is a vulnerable track seemingly about being in what sounds like a toxic relationship, and contemplating what it would be like to let go. Conveying this in such an illustrative, poetic way is insanely impressive. The intensity building in certain parts and then softening in others beautifully represents being in a stormy, almost predictably unpredictable situation.

“This album is my growing up album. It's the first real thing I've ever made.

Some of the songs are based on my very first experiences but others came straight from my imagination. Even though most of my songs are about love, I am yet to feel the way I write. I can't wait to fall in love, even if it is followed by a heartbreak, because it would have meant that I felt for someone, and I would love to make another album about that."

The attribute of wearing her heart on her sleeve and her genuine openness is something you’ll notice frequently in Amelie Lucille’s music. As she mentioned in her statement above, some of these stories are straight from her imagination and not from first-hand experience - but you’d never know that if she didn’t tell you. She has accomplished an intriguing combination of maturity and youthful wonder throughout each piece.

From the folky tune “Token” where she sings so I swear to take this love now as a cherished token / what is the point of having a heart if it always ends up broken, to reminiscing and reflecting in “His Song,” the magical landscape created through swirling instrumentals in “Disposable Cameras,” and the colorful details within the lyrics of “The Call,” Amelie’s approach is delicate yet profound. The only upbeat song on the album, “Because Of You” is introspective and kind of feels like that moment of realization that they were the problem, not you. “Because Of You” was a welcome addition to the EP because it not only rounds it out nicely, but it gives us a taste of Amelie’s versatility.

We were mind blown by Amelie Lucille’s lyricism from start to finish. The talent and artistry she possesses is on a level we haven’t come across in a while. Amelie Lucille is that warm album that you go back to again and again. Be sure to check her out, you’ll be happy that you did!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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