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Catterina - Four Twenty One EP

Catterina releases her debut indie pop EP, Four Twenty One, delving into the rollercoaster of adventure that accompanies heartbreak.

The Houston-based singer/songwriter has quickly become a favorite of ours since we came across her music late last year. Four Twenty One was brought to life as Catterina was forced to spend time in self-reflection while displaced from home during the winter freeze that impacted Texas. Her hotel room number was 421, inspiring the name of the EP. You’ll find this piece of art to be so genuine, as she descriptively guides you through the journey with pure vulnerability.

Dreamy instrumentals are abundant throughout, as are Catterina’s sweet and velvety vocals. In “Don’t Tell Me,” her words are filled with uncertainty. It perfectly exudes the disposition of being excited while remaining cautious after repeated failed attempts. It’s about not wanting that fresh relationship “honeymoon” type phase to end. This is a great representation of the thoughts that float through many people’s minds when they’re getting closer to someone new, and they’re worried about reciprocated feelings/intentions. If you’re a fan of artists similar to the style of Phoebe Bridgers, you’ll love Catterina.

“Baggage” illustrates the point in a relationship where it’s time to evaluate if it’s worth moving forward. Analyzing the situation and realizing that the other person isn’t as invested as you are. It’s being aware of the game that’s being played and willingly putting yourself in that position again because you like the challenge. The vibe of “Baggage” reminds me of being in a small sort of jazzy lounge setting with people socializing, and then the moment the singer walks on stage and begins singing, all noise dims and all eyes are on her.

With a bit of an edgier sound, “Same Conversation (I Can’t Tell You)” depicts trying to salvage the connection that was once there while feeling like you’re getting pulled farther away from each other. Expressing that sometimes no matter how much you want to be together, life has other plans. Catterina’s voice appears more defeated and less hopeful than in the first two tracks. The ending half of “Same Conversation (I Can’t Tell You)” goes into a different perspective of when the relationship has ended and Catterina is listing updates on her life that she can no longer tell them. Listening in order is crucial, as it was perfectly designed by Catterina to flow with a very captivating storyline.

In “Waiting,” Catterina provides the listener with more details about what led to the split conveyed at the end of “Same Conversation (I Can’t Tell You).” Gorgeous instrumentation mixed with sorrowful vocals and words about waiting by the phone, hoping to hear from them even though she made the final decision to leave. Although the Four Twenty One EP is relatable and easy to connect with, it is undeniably Catterina’s personal story. This is evident in the final clip of “Waiting” where a voicemail recording is played.

“Inconvenience” features vibey guitar strumming that immediately grasps and holds your attention throughout. Cleverly written lyrics reflect on being done with the doubts, and finally standing up for yourself. There is an increase of confidence that is so nice to hear. “Inconvenience” is the earworm of the Four Twenty One EP for me. It’s extremely catchy, and the empowerment is irresistible. It’s the kind of track that amplifies your perspective of what you deserve, and helps to push you through those ending stages of heartbreak.

I just knew “Looking in the Mirror” was going to tug at my emotions. According to Catterina’s description of the EP, “Looking in the Mirror'' rounds out the story by touching upon healing your inner child. It is an apology to the younger version of herself, joined by comforting and warm qualities with powerfully beautiful lyrics. I recommend listening with headphones on and your eyes closed to fully immerse yourself.

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