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daena - "Heart Heat"

Nashville-based artist daena is back with her catchy new single, “Heart Heat”!

The indie pop singer has delivered this tune just in time to be your perfect “summer crush anthem.” Lyrically and instrumentally, it’s reminiscent of everyone’s favorite 80s/90s teenage rom-com. It’s the kind of song you dance around your room to while singing into a hair brush.

The title is clever, as it draws curiosity about what to expect. Drizzled with just the right combination of sweetness and good vibes, “Heart Heat” is most definitely an earworm.

If you enjoyed this track, make sure to swing by daena’s page on your favorite streaming platform to listen to her previous track, “Bright Enough.” I went on a daena deep dive after being introduced to “Heart Heat,” and I’m pleasantly impressed by everything she has released so far.

If you live near Nashville, check out daena's show at Pleasant Hill Road Farm this Saturday, July 31st! More info/RSVP here.

Can’t wait to follow daena’s journey, and to hear more from her this Fall!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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