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Eighty Ninety - “Dream”

Making their third appearance on UMP, it’s always a great honor to write about Eighty Ninety; and I’m especially thrilled to present their newest single, “Dream”!

In the flowy and exhilarating song, Eighty Ninety accentuates the notion of dreams vs. memory vs. reality. The storyline is almost unexpected, while the astral vibe helps draw you further into the fantasy.

As with all of their music, “Dream” is lyrically gripping and imaginative. While the instrumentation and overall sound is nothing short of a perfectly gentle yet upbeat combo.

Dream” truly is a wonderfully romantic and visionary summer track.

Stoked to hear their upcoming EP! Be sure to follow Eighty Ninety at the places below, and keep an eye on UMP so you don’t miss it! 

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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