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Eighty Ninety - “Forever”

Get ready to be pulled into a romantic daydream with our favorite indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety’s new single, “Forever.”

The talented brothers, Abner and Harper James, have impressed once again with their vibrant storytelling and ethereal instrumentals. “Forever” is a contrast between reality vs. dream, where you’re longing to love again but the feeling isn’t mutual. Therefore, wondrous imagination ensues.

There is no shortage of passionate dedication mixed with pain and confusion in this track; and the only hope is for these thoughts to dissipate when you’re no longer intoxicated.

Credit: Eric T. White

“Forever” is sweet and simplistic. It’s easy to resonate with the strong connection and swirling emotions throughout. Eighty Ninety expertly capture the experience of understanding the unrequited situation, but continuing to hold on to the magical memories and might-have-beens.

Not a rare occurrence with this sensational duo, you’ll without a doubt find “Forever” on repeat. You can look forward to hearing more from Eighty Ninety on their sophomore EP, which is slated to release this Spring.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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