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Goldkey – “What Am I Supposed To Do?”

Following Goldkey’s debut, “Mountain”, we are ecstatic to talk about his second single, “What Am I Supposed To Do?

The talented singer-songwriter’s newest release provides essences that feel like it could be featured on a movie soundtrack. There’s nostalgia built in through the instrumentals and vocal delivery. I enjoy new songs that give off a vibe of being a throwback; it creates an instantaneous bond and familiarity.

What Am I Supposed To Do?” has a similar melody to “Missing You” by John Waite, but with extra layers and weight to it. Then you have a determined tone mixed with mildly upbeat details that express wanting answers to the question, “what am I supposed to do?”.

Although this is only Goldkey’s second single, it’s clear that there is something very genuine about him and his music -  I will continue to look forward to more!

You can hear “What Am I Supposed To Do?”, and learn about Goldkey, below:

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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