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Highwind – “Afterlife (Acoustic)”

Highwind, described as a “two-piece pop-rock outfit,” has just released an incredible acoustic version of their song, “Afterlife”.

“Afterlife (Acoustic)” begins with instrumentals that are emotional, and quickly grasp your heartstrings. The pain is felt so strongly within the vocals, which are accompanied by touchingly personal lyrics that will still resonate with many. There is a great deal of love, respect and admiration throughout, and the way it’s written in a poetic letter style is simplistically perfect.

"Highwind wants to spread one message through their music; that it is okay to be open and honest with yourself and others. Their songwriting involves a raw expression of honest emotions. These songs are there to encourage their listeners to speak out and be open about how they feel.”

As someone who tends to gravitate towards acoustic tracks, I found that “Afterlife (Acoustic)” makes such a strong impact, and is just breathtakingly beautiful in every way possible.

Highwind explains that, “Afterlife (Acoustic) is the band’s way of ending the “How’ve You Been?” era on a very personal note from Chris Russo”. Although the EP was an exceptional project from the duo, their most recent release, “2023”, has evoked excitement for what’s to come. Can’t wait!

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