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Jordan Rodrigues - Live at Studio 51 EP

Extraordinary singer-songwriter Jordan Rodrigues recently put out a breathtaking EP called Live at Studio 51!

Tracks: 1. First Last Kiss (Live) 2. Played (Live) 3. Next to Me (Live)

As you can tell by the title of the EP and track list, Live at Studio 51 is a collection of three live songs. Highlighting Jordan’s near flawless vocals, and thoughtful songwriting style. It’s as if you sort of escape from the real world and become drawn into every word. I respect the vulnerability it provides. The order that each track is placed within the EP is seemingly for a reason; they tell a story.

“First Last Kiss” really is an introduction to what you can anticipate to experience throughout the EP. Expressing the eagerness and thrill of realizing what you have is special; wanting to hold on to that. Fantastic instrumentals that have a little bit of a folk vibe, which accompany his occasionally raspy vocals perfectly. The sentiment of a fresh romance definitely adds a bright element to Live at Studio 51.

“Played” might be the most emotive track. Not only is there so much visualization, but from the start you authentically feel everything. This is the type of song that you want to get to know, even though somehow it’s already familiar. A somber sound with the right amount of edge gives “Played”, and the EP as a whole, that something extra to tie it all together.

“Next to Me” incorporates sweet notes wrapped with genuinely warm lyrics and gorgeously simplistic but colorful strumming. “Next to Me” is basically a love letter put into song, and honestly it’s what many girls dream of being serenaded with. This track finishes the EP in such a charming moment, and if you’re anything like me, it’ll be on repeat.

I couldn’t be more stoked to follow Jordan Rodrigues as he continues to take the music world by storm. If you agree, check out the links below and tell him how truly remarkable Live at Studio 51 is!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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