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Kid Politics - people should be nice

Nashville-based indie pop duo Kid Politics’ debut album, people should be nice, is filled with brilliantly executed anthems that will have you enthusiastically singing along, and grooving to their fantastic sound.

Described as being a dream to make, people should be nice is the story of Kid Politics’ grind in Music City, and their determination to bring this album to life. Despite financial difficulties, Kelby Dover (producer/songwriter/vocalist) and Nick Arbuckle (producer/songwriter/bassist) persevered through many sleepless nights, and it is so apparent that they poured their hearts and souls into each track. While being compared to artists like Imagine Dragons and 5SOS, their unique style and sound shines with a bright distinctiveness.

For something slower: “Demos (Nevada Ave 11)” is simple and raw but also instantly gripping. You’re drawn into the album right off the bat with such emotion and intrigue for what is still to come. “Second Try” features wonderfully illustrative lyrics that are interesting and grab your attention.

For something sweet and romantic: Most of us love reading, watching and even experiencing a good whirlwind romance. Kid Politics have captured that sensation boldly with the captivating storyline and lustrous instrumentation in “Why Can’t It Be Us.” It’s exciting and fun in all the right ways. “Every Night Every Day” is purely describing someone who endlessly takes your breath away. “Since I Found You” is about not being the same since meeting this person, and feeling like they’re a treasure in your life. Looking for something on the opposite side of things? “Cool About It” expresses the end of a relationship where you’re receiving negativity from your ex, and not wanting to be the bigger person anymore. I think many will be able to connect to this message.

For something encouraging: “Free” is just as the title says - by the end of the song you will hopefully have a sense of relief, feel lighter and more free. The compassionate and caring lyrics in “Diamonds in the Sky” are a plea to remember your worth, that you’re amazing the way you are, and “like a diamond, every cut we’ve ever felt makes us more unique and special.” Kelby explains further:

“It was 2 or 3am in a hotel in Cleveland, OH. I was working on a local Nashville show we had in a few days and I had to write a new song for a backstage, greenroom recording session we had booked for an organization called Sing Me A Story. They gave me a short story handwritten by a young girl and I was tasked with turning the story into a song. She wrote about how people are beautiful like diamonds

and how every person is special.

Like the majority of my songs, I turned it first into a song for my wife who I wanted to remind was special. The two of us were so broke and living in an RV, but this chorus was my way of saying we could make it through anything together. But it’s also a song written for everyone with the message of

people should be nice. I never write songs just on a guitar… normally I’m at a piano. But all I had was my acoustic guitar with me. So I tried to write something that would always play well for just me in the hotel room or at a Kid Politics show.

Of any song I’ve ever written, I think this one means the most to me.”

For something empowering: “Always on the Up” and “Straight to the Top” are the perfect songs for ambitious people who are working hard everyday to pursue whatever it is that they are striving for in life. The vibes are immaculate. Listen to these in the morning, and you’ll be ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

For something edgier: “You Don’t Even Know” has a different mood vocally and sonically, sharing examples of what they’ve been through to get to where they are now. “Opening Night” perhaps represents not taking the easier path, and deciding that walking on a tightrope to get to where you dream of being is worth it. Both of these tracks are about beating the odds and fighting for what you want.

The inspiration behind their band name, Kid Politics, is actually quite fascinating. Kelby saw a young activist with a “Just Be Nice” sign, and the conversation began, “What if adults treated one another the same as kids treat one another on a playground? Kids don’t care who you are, your skin color, where you’re from, who you love or how much money is in your bank. How much different would our world be if adults viewed and treated one another the same - with the politics of kids?” The album artwork is symbolic of the idea that as humans we are always moving toward or away from something/each other. Kelby and Nick aim to spread positivity, acceptance and encouragement through what they are doing with Kid Politics, and people should be nice is an impressively beautiful embodiment of all of those things.

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