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Kiera Dillon - Perspective

Independent singer/songwriter and producer Kiera Dillon has released her charismatic debut pop album, Perspective!

Currently residing in the Philly area, the soaring artist has developed a wondrous collection of tracks that form a complete and satisfying experience. Dillon has mastered a delectable bedroom-pop/indie pop sound that smoothly illustrates her exquisite writing style.

“[This album] explores themes of nostalgia and coming of age and aims to show listeners that there is universal acceptance in emotion no matter how it is experienced or perceived.”

“Lullabye” is a classic, soothing childhood tune that sets a dark, curious mood. Despite its reminiscent nature and familiarity, it is also unexpected and gripping. Quickly followed by “Play the Victim,'' which expresses an awakening, Dillon’s feisty, jaded tone is accompanied by hints of vulnerability and pain. This revelation allows the chance to proclaim thoughts and feelings that have been held in for so long. Dillon’s impeccable vocals and lyricism made this one of my favorites.

Credit: Julia Cahn

Later in the album we are introduced to “Not Yours.” This cinematic sounding track is about someone being controlling and trying to drive insecurity. I admire the strong spirit that arises in “Not Yours.” It radiates a similar fighter energy as “Play the Victim,” but with a bit more confidence behind every word. Her use of slick but subtle rests is euphoric.

A notable aspect of Perspective is Dillon’s usage of audio clips in a few tracks. Very personal and raw, “This Can’t Be a Breakup,” for example, incorporates recordings of sweet memories. The gentle honesty conveyed helps to emphasize Dillon’s powerful emotions relative to a complicated romantic heartbreak. “Naive” also integrates similar elements; a simplistically beautiful acoustic vibe, featuring warm and charming storytelling about life lessons. The climbing intensity is gratifying.

Credit: Julia Cahn

There is a lot of diversity throughout Perspective. “Man on the Moon” is a lighthearted and lovely ditty expressing devotion and being there for someone in any situation. While “False Reality” touches on struggles with addiction. There is a distinct hurt in Dillon’s voice as she pleads for things to get better. “False Reality” is a well-written and thoughtful recital of a tender subject. “Outro” enchantingly concludes the album with a primarily instrumental production and light, devine vocalization.

Kiera Dillon is a striking new artist that has thoroughly impressed us with her debut album, Perspective. I was captivated from just a brief listen - however, the more you dive into it, you’ll become increasingly enraptured. This is the type of music that truly resonates and leaves an impact. Absolutely stunning.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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