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LVRBOY - "plans"

Nashville-based pop artist LVRBOY has released his emotional and reflective new single, “plans.”

After the success of his 2020 debut album, replacing you, the singer/songwriter is back with a song that was actually written pre-LVRBOY. Simplistic yet upbeat, “plans” addresses the questions that arise when reminiscing on the plans made with an ex, and realizing you don’t want to do them with anyone else.

Packed with personal lyrics and a strong sense of heartache, "plans" expresses the feeling of holding on, while watching them continue to move forward without you. It's that painful curiosity of their new life, but also thinking about what you were supposed to have together.

What’s enticing about this track is that the message reveals a situation that isn’t often discussed, but that many will connect with. We’re excited to watch LVRBOY’s hooky instrumentals, thoughtful storytelling, and charmingly rich vocals continue to captivate old and new audiences!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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