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Maika Rose - "Your Smile"

Lyrical pop/singer-songwriter Maika Rose’s debut single, “Your Smile,” incorporates warm storytelling and highlights her robust originality.

With mildly theatrical vocals and instrumentals that venture into art-pop/avant-pop, Maika’s overarching goal is to create music that is interactive, inviting and builds a safe space to feel fragile and vulnerable.

She explains that she doesn’t conform, and is passionate about designing something new and all her own. “Your Smile” is packed with beautifully conveyed emotion that draws you in.

“‘Your Smile’ takes you on a journey of growth within the story of an unrequited love, leaving you feeling empowered and free, if a bit wistful for what could have been.”

We waited a bit to share this review because we knew how impactful the music video for “Your Smile” was going to be. Dance is Maika’s way of adding a different layer to her music, and that extra dimension really does create a very special experience.

Although the song itself is intensely gorgeous and moving, the inclusion of this music video truly captures the message of “Your Smile” and is just so powerful. We are blown away by Maika Rose’s artistic vision and the way she combined these two artforms in such an elegant way.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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