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MELÓ - "Counting Sheep"

MELÓ conjures a dreamy and captivating atmosphere in her debut single, “Counting Sheep!”

An indie-pop artist with folk influences, MELÓ creates the type of music that is a brilliant combination of easy listening with profound, depth-filled lyrics doused in mesmerizing storytelling. “Counting Sheep” expresses the curious contemplation that plagues a racing mind.

MELÓ explores genre-fluid music, and touches upon complex topics such as impacts of growing up too quickly, mental illness, manipulation and abuse, and craving simplicity. These concepts can be heard in “Counting Sheep,” as well as in her upcoming singles and future EP, “Youthless.” MELÓ collaborated with Measure (Sergei Kofman), an upcoming producer from Toronto, to produce “Counting Sheep.”

I try to create a space where both the listener and I can feel comfortable with our vulnerability.

The acoustic sound in this track warmly accompanies the tender and comforting vocals. You can vibrantly feel the way that she uses music as an outlet for her emotions, and I respect the raw vulnerability it provides.

MELÓ has something special about her that absolutely draws you in. We are looking forward to hearing more from her soon!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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