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PREMIERE: Reliable Alibi - "You Are My Heart"

Reliable Alibi is an emerging and imaginative folk/rock singer-songwriter who is getting ready to release their first single, “You Are My Heart,” on Friday, April 9th. It is an endearing track about the bond of friendship.

“You Are My Heart” has a distinctive sound that immediately captures your attention. Expertly blending 60s folk rock with electronic elements, this piece takes you on a sonic journey through different genres that unexpectedly work very well together.

Written and recorded with ukuleles and keyboard, the instrumentals are stimulating and innovative with the perfect amount of familiarity. Setting a new standard for creative individuality, Reliable Alibi’s music also pays respect to those who have inspired them.

“I was raised on classic rock. Neil Young and Cat Stevens were inspiring me before I could even write. I grew up harmonizing with The Monkees every morning on the way to school. Then when I was older and discovered the dance music scene, it all came together. I knew I was meant to bring these two worlds that I loved together.”

Reliable Alibi and guest vocalist Kiara Alibi complement each other in such a sweet and genuine way. The lyrics narrate a charming message about those special friendships that last through all of life’s changes. Most people have that one person where you can go a while without talking, but come together again as if you’ve spent no time apart.

“You Are My Heart” is just the beginning of Reliable Alibi’s journey. You can expect to hear their upcoming debut album, The UkeRock Experience, later this year.

Be sure to follow them on their socials below… you don’t want to miss this!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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