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RIVALS - Sad Looks Pretty On Me

Dark-pop band RIVALS’ new album Sad Looks Pretty On Me is hauntingly imaginative and filled with rousing intricacy.

The Los Angeles quartet consisting of vocalist Kalie Wolfe, bassist Sebastian Clarke, guitarist Micket Woodle, and drummer Josh Alve have revamped their rock sound into a brilliant combination of dreamy pop-rock, post-hardcore, and alt vibes that feel inspired yet original all at once.

RIVALS cannot be put into a box because of how diverse and transformative they are. They are continuously evolving, while expertly maintaining the special qualities their supporters have grown to love about them. With their music, RIVALS hopes to garner the attention of both “radio listeners and bedroom moshers.”

Sad Looks Pretty On Me is their newest full-length album. The lyrics are grippingly poetic and complex, and the edgy instrumentals are joined by intense, stunning vocals. There is an abundance of beautiful emotion and meaningful messages. You’ll find that this collection of songs is wonderfully depth-filled.

“RIVALS always rise to the challenge of confronting demons head on —

while fashioning their moods into something irresistible.”

A perfect example of this is their track, “Strawberries,” which is about Kalie Wolfe’s past addictions with drugs and alcohol, and how she healed from these past issues and found happiness. While I usually try to explore each track individually in my reviews, Sad Looks Pretty On Me is a very personal listening experience. It has touched me in many ways, and I know that you’ll connect with it as well.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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