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Samina - "Friend"

Singer/songwriter Samina just released her second single, “Friend”, which is a touching piece about lost love.

Written in the beginning of quarantine, Samina’s new song reflects on idealism, naivety, and letting go. The artist’s soothing, dreamy “rainy window pop” sound complements her magical vocals entrancingly.

I wrote ‘Friend’ in an attempt to move past the heartbreak of losing someone who was never mine to begin with. It was harder since I was never with this person, and I think I definitely idealized what it could have been in my head. That’s what the song is about, really. We take small moments and hold onto them, building them up in our head to the point where we no longer know what’s real and what isn’t. And at some point, you just have to let go.”

Gentleness is met with powerful emotion, and the lyrics are painfully relatable. “Friend” is a brilliant combination of sweet fairytale memories, wrapped in heartbreak. Interestingly, her writing style is inspired by the Urdu poetry she grew up with.

Samina is a remarkably talented new artist. I’m so excited to continue watching her grow and to experience her virtuosity.

Be sure to also check out her debut single, “Prom”!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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