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susan - “Rose” 

Experimental electro pop artist, singer-songwriter/producer susan has just released their new single, “Rose”. 

“Rose” is part of a series of tracks being dropped by susan, in a project called “suepreme”. The artist is delivering songs every first Thursday, monthly. 

susan’s vocals are delightful and filled with passion that leaves you holding on to each word. The lyrics are skillfully written - the entire piece initially comes off as simplistic, but there is so much to explore and uncover. 

"‘Rose’ is a track written about finding yourself within spaces where self love isn’t acceptable; Eventually pushing you to a place where you experience a higher knowledge of self. It’s about realising your worth through self doubt and depreciation. The track was produced with CackleHill (Previous works: Umru and Charli XCX),It needed to invoke the unsettling feeling of not understanding deeply who you are.”

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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