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Wanderer - C I T Y EP

Arizona-based artist Wanderer recently released his debut EP, C I T Y!

Tracks: 1. Only in the Night 2. Driving 3. Call Me Crazy 4. Welcome to the Wild 5. Make You Feel

I’ve known Adam Simons of Wanderer for a few years, since his RadioDriveBy days. Wanderer is highly versatile with the capability of producing catchy music accompanied by lyrics and vocals that you’ll excitedly sing along to; a phenomenal songwriter with a knack for captivating listeners by grasping every emotion. Warning: usually albums have one, maybe two, prominent earworm tracks. But all five C I T Y songs will get stuck in your head on a loop, like a beautiful Wanderer mashup. His love for what he creates brightly shines throughout the EP, and that is truly what makes it successful.

‘Only in the Night’ is the perfect choice to place as the opener of C I T Y; offering the right combination of edge and sensuality that entice from beginning to end. ‘Only in the Night’ genuinely embodies the concept and images of the EP. It instantly places you in the middle of those luring and tempting hours. A variety of people could surely relate this one back to their life and personal experiences. Extremely fond of the instrumental elements in this track – I can’t get enough!

With a somewhat lighter feel to it, ‘Driving’ incorporates wonderfully detailed lyrics that make all the difference. It’s reflective of being present and noticing the little things. This track in particular is very story-based, and retains adventurous and heartfelt qualities. Musically it has hints here and there that remind me of a late-80’s Rom-Com… is that weird? Also, can we acknowledge the insanely cool guitar moment towards the end?? YES.

‘Call Me Crazy’ is potentially the easiest song to learn and love on the EP. It’s charged with the notion of seeing the difficulties in a relationship, but still wanting to pursue it. Reveling in the type of crazy passion that you just want to keep holding close no matter the cost. The chorus repeats quite frequently, but that simply adds to the appeal. It is strikingly contagious – I’m sure you’ll agree! ‘Call Me Crazy’ is a satisfying representation of timelessly relevant music.

Featuring soulful similarities to ‘Only in the Night’, ‘Welcome to the Wild’ clearly shows up and stands out. Displaying comparatively more grit than the other tracks, there’s no denying that it’s addictive and thrilling. I get the sense of primal instinct and the attraction to dangerous challenges. Again, there is absolutely stunning guitar throughout this track. Wanderer knows what he’s doing, and I’m continuously left speechless.

There’s something about ‘Make You Feel’ that strongly resonates with me. Maybe it’s the wistful vibes, the mellow yet powerful spirit, or how his voice is so warm. While I adore C I T Y in its entirety, over the past few months I’ve found myself coming back to this song without fail. Whatever it is, ‘Make You Feel’ is certainly special and it closes out the EP with grace.

Wanderer has a few shows left on his West Coast tour with Family Thief – but after it wraps he’ll be getting back to making new music! Adam said not to write about the show I went to last weekend in Oakland… but I have to defy his wishes to tell you that the second Adam and bassist Jeremy started playing, everyone paid attention. You could visually and audibly observe the recognition and appreciation of the pure talent Wanderer brought to the stage. It was as if the whole energy of the show changed. I felt honored to be in such good company, and I’m thankful for Adam’s kindness and generosity.

Make sure you follow Wanderer at the places below, because there is so much more to come.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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