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Arizona-based band This Modern has just released their new single, “Next Time Around”!

The 3-piece (Marcus Reardon - lead vocalist and rapper, Timo Willsey - songwriter/producer, and Sean Whiteman - drums) is described as “blending melodic pop-rock with modern hip-hop” - and it completely works! This Modern announced that this newest track is being released via 59 X Records:

The most important thing to us is giving our music the best possible chance at success. Our goal has always been to partner with a label that believes in our creative vision, while offering a new level of behind-the-scenes support and opportunity. We are excited and proud to have found that in 59 X Records - Marcus Reardon

Credit: Kristen Bourdeau

“Next Time Around” is about the overwhelming thoughts and uncertainty that come with breaking away from what you know and starting something new. This Modern has delivered remarkable songwriting that is absolutely gripping. 

This Modern - Next Time Around (Official Video)

Although perhaps you could argue that the idea behind “Next Time Around” is something other artists have creatively conveyed before, there’s just a quality about this track that feels refreshing. The combination of passionate lyrics and strikingly enjoyable instrumentals will surely prompt keeping this one on repeat. 

Congratulations to This Modern and 59 X Records - we’re very stoked to hear more of what’s to come! 

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion

  • Alex Kilgore

The third EP from alt-pop artist Rio Wiley, summer over, just released and it’s irresistible! 

summer over is a perfectly timed title, considering the drop is a few days into the Fall season. Rio Wiley explains, “I wrote ‘summer over’ during the last two summers, hence the name of the album. It’s a collection of fun songs I hope you enjoy.” 

Starting off the EP is “rock the boat”, which is about wanting to move beyond friendship; despite the uncertainty that comes with it, the idea is intriguing. “rock the boat” is easy to connect with, which is why you’ll quickly be singing along to this one. 

credit: @hayleefinn

“2 the side” is very forward and daring, with sensual lyrics accompanied by fantastic instrumentals. This track gives off a sort of Bruno Mars vibe... but make it Rio Wiley’s signature edgy, alt-pop style. “party!” also features provocative lyrics. Although short and to the point, it’s a stimulating addition to the EP. 

Similar to other tracks by Rio Wiley, “fingertips” addresses the issue of someone only wanting you when it’s convenient. It’s a toxic situation, but feelings cause you to keep allowing it to happen. The combination of upbeat instrumentals, desire-filled words, and passionate vocals create a magnetic experience. 

The writing in the final summer over track, “pretty boy walk”, is particularly enjoyable. It wraps up the ideas expressed throughout the rest of the EP effortlessly.

As we’ve said before, Rio Wiley is such an incredible artist. His work is consistently exhilarating, and you can’t help but to keep coming back for more. We can’t wait to continue following his journey!





Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion

Nashville-based artist SOHEILL has dropped his new single, “Can’t Stop Thinking”! 

Described as a “catchy rocker,” SOHEILL impresses with gratifying instrumentals and intriguing lyrics. The track is fairly easy and straightforward, however, it highlights the event of having an intense focus on a single subject. 

‘Can't Stop Thinking’ is about the unraveling that happens when you fall for a toxic person. You know it's wrong, but you can't help yourself. It's moody, edgy, sexy and fierce.” 


SOHEILL has done a fantastic job of creating a song that grants his audience the ability to experience the frustrating infatuation of the relationship being described. With each listen, curiosity is elevated and you’re pulled in deeper. 


Through the sheer determination of his parent’s desire for freedom, SOHEILL was able to bring his passion for music from Iran to America at the age of seven. Before he could speak English, he was singing along to songs like “Yesterday” by The Beatles and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. He didn’t know what he was singing, but he could feel every word through the melody.

SOHEILL’S American influence and musical diversity inspires the way he writes today. He infuses his love of synths, bass, drums, and piano with organic lyrics, bringing to life stories in a song. Proclaiming his 2018 release, Somewhere Between Love & War, SOHEILL teamed up with Sam Kassirer (Producer and Keyboardist for Josh Ritter) to co-produce what he refers to as his Starry Night.

Listen to "Can't Stop Thinking" HERE!


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